JOY Youth Services endeavors to give them hope, help and healthy alternatives.

Ninety percent of children in ghetto schools come from broken homes in which they are reared by their mothers, grandmothers, or themselves. Even as many lives begin on the wrong track, many others end all too soon because there is more violence among black males than in any other race, according to The Young Black Male: An Endangered Species, by Gail Taylor. Her research tells us that black males between the ages of 15 and 24 share an unusually high risk of dying from black‑on‑black crimes and that more than 90 percent of them were murdered by other black youths.

We aim to address concerns of youth before students reach age 15. Family issues often hinder children of divorce and at-risk youths from concentrating on their education, especially when it comes to solving math problems that require them to use cognitive skills. One eighth-grader provided this unsolicited view of problem solving to her math teacher: “You give us work in which we have to think. We don’t want to think. We just want to finish the assignment.”
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Youths need compassion, time to process their experiences, and an understanding of how education can change their worldview, attitude, self -image, and possibly their situation. Given that African Americans are most likely to drop out of school, go to jail, become homeless or jobless, and commit violent crimes, JOY Youth Services endeavors to give them hope, help and healthy alternatives.

Are you struggling with concentrating on assignments?
Need help understanding how family issues impact your ability to concentrate?
Want to get it off your chest while you play chess?
Want to express your feelings with a compassionate person who cares?
Have a question about life after divorce?
Do your students or children need a PEP talk?
Need encouragement to focus on your education and stay in school?
Let us help.

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Dr. Gloria Shell Mitchell, Author of The Garbage Man’s Daughter Series.
Dr. Mitchell highlights positive and negative differences a child’s first through twelfth grade teachers can make in academic performance.


Retired teachers and other caring adults serve as mentors.
You too can volunteer your gifts, talents and skills to help redirect young people who need your services.

Social Issues

Besides basic instructions in social skills, mathematics and chess, JOY Youth Services offers divorce support groups and emotional support when the family comes apart.

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