C.H.E.S.S. Between You and Me

Connecting Healthy Educational Strategies and Services
****Teacher-2-Teacher Program… Retired teachers volunteer year-round, one day each week for two hours
**** Summer camps (a four-week summer program with mentors from all professions)
**** FTV…future teacher videos (math lessons taught by students)


  • Building Relationships
  • Mentoring Youth
  • Playing Chess
  • Tutoring Math
  • Helping Parents
  • Hearing You
  • Educating Communities
  • Sharing Truth
  • Strengthening Families

Sharing JOY in the following locations

  • Inglewood, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Kingston Slums, Nairobi Kenya
  • I Can Fly School, Machakos, Kenya
  • Youth Center, Duduza, South Africa
  • Bukasa Slums, Kampala, Uganda
  • Radio and Internet

Math Youth Presenters

Presenters of Cryosphere

Origami Presentation