Gospel Rap Makes Learning Fun

I appeared on the Steve Harvey show on November 20, 2017. I asked Steve if my gospel raps are hip enough for the younger generation.

After rapping a couple of verses from my new single, “Can You Imagine That,”I rapped one Bible verse, Proverbs 23:12, from the Good News Bible. Steve said he didn’t think the crucifixion was supposed to be fun. He later added: “I’m not mad at anybody preaching the Gospel however they can to get the word out. This dear lady is doing her thing!”

Steve Harvey added a new video November 20 at 10:46pm


Well, I get excited when I hear good news! It’s good news for us that Jesus died for the sins of everybody on Good Friday. He bore the punishment that we deserved. Sounds like a reason to rejoice, especially since he had the power to die and rise again.

A video clip of the Bible verse was posted and someone commented that gospel and rap don’t belong in the same sentence. Some people consider rap to be “the devil’s music.” Still others tend to think a flow makes the Bible seem more like world literature than Holy Scriptures. Meanwhile, others have testified that rapping Bible verses is how they learned them.

Please check out my rap on YouTube: https://youtu.be/1GAtsBQcTPQ

I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a comment stating if you think that anything was taken from the Scriptures or added to it that’s disrespectful.

I welcome your opinion of gospel rap, pro or con.

Thank you.

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